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LED Headlamp

Headlamps are widely used as convenient portable lamps for outdoor adventure, maintenance work, and emergency lighting.SEEYOO is a high quality headlamp manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We are committed to providing sustainable lamps for your projects.

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         ● 10+ Years OEM/ODM Experience

LED Headlamp Leader

Welcome to the forefront of headlamp innovation. We specialize in producing versatile headlamp solutions that cater to the diverse needs of outdoor adventurers, professionals seeking reliable work lighting, and individuals facing life-threatening emergencies.

Our headlamps, made from high-quality materials like aluminum alloy and plastic, are designed to be waterproof, anti-slip, adjustable in brightness, easy to carry, and equipped with extended battery life.

Explore our range and discover how our headlamps can light up your world, no matter where life takes you.

Outdoor Professional Headlamp

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

SEEYOO provides wholesalers and retailers with the best and latest ceiling headlamp at low prices.With many years of experience, we provide customized product boxes with your brand and logo. Order today, and we can deliver tomorrow!

LED Headlamp

Customized to Your Projects

SEEYOO is a professional manufacturer of headlamp with over 10 years of experience.

We are dedicated to designing innovative and high-quality products to meet all kinds of your lighting needs.

Our headlamps can be used in a variety of outdoor scenarios, such as rainforests, scuba diving, hiking, mines, and construction sites.

We also offer customization services to meet your desired usage scenarios and purposes.

Why Choose SEEYOO Tech?

At SEEYOO, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most advanced lighting products so that your customers can be satisfied. Our production process is controlled by us and every aspect of it from design through distribution–so when they buy one thing at our store or website they know exactly what’s going into their product!


We have no MOQ requirements and you can purchase any quantity that is needed.

Fast Delivery

We’re so confident in our lighting products that we offer a 7-10 day lead time on all orders.

Lower Price

We always provide high-quality lighting at an affordable price.


We have a team of experts who can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Customer Service

We’ll get you the answers to all of your questions, quickly and effectively

1 Year Warranty

Quality is our culture. We stand by our products with a 1-year warranty.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Here are some of the comments our customers made about our products.


SEEYOO's exquisite craftsmanship is reflected in every product we purchase. They've not only helped us meet our clientele's expectations, but surpass them. A definite boon to our business!



The rapid delivery and robust durability of SEEYOO's products have reduced our operational concerns significantly. Their excellent service has played a crucial role in our growth and success.



SEEYOO's commitment to customer satisfaction and product customizability has brought great value to our business. Their work lights and flashlights are simply top-notch. A steadfast ally in our industry journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a few FAQs that our customers ask. If your question is not here, contact us today, and we will answer directly.

What types of headlamps does your factory produce, and are they suitable for specific purposes?

Our factory produces a range of headlamps designed for various purposes. We offer headlamps suitable for outdoor activities, work environments, and emergency situations.

What are the key features of your headlamp products?

Our headlamps are designed with features such as adjustable brightness levels, comfortable headbands, long battery life, and waterproof capabilities to meet different user needs.

Do you offer rechargeable headlamps, and what is their charging capacity?

Yes, we offer rechargeable headlamps with various charging capacities. Our headlamps come with different battery sizes and charging options, providing flexibility to our customers.

Can your headlamps be customized to include specific branding or logos for promotional purposes?

Yes, we offer customization options, including the ability to add branding or logos to our headlamp products. This is a great way to promote your brand or business.

What is the maximum beam distance and runtime of your headlamp products?

Our headlamp products vary in terms of beam distance and runtime, but we provide detailed specifications for each model. This information will help you choose the right headlamp for your specific needs.

How do your headlamps compare in terms of weight and comfort for extended use?

Our headlamp designs prioritize user comfort. They are lightweight and equipped with adjustable headbands to ensure a comfortable fit, making them suitable for extended use.

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